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Are all white-collar crimes federal offenses?

When white-collar criminal charges make the news, it’s often because the case is brought at the federal level. However, this doesn’t mean that all white-collar criminal charges will automatically involve the federal government.

Whether you face federal charges depends on the circumstances surrounding your alleged crime. The key issue is often whether the suspected criminal activity crossed state lines.

Does the crime affect interstate commerce?

The Constitution grants the federal government the authority to investigate white-collar crimes. This power comes from clauses involving interstate commerce. Because most white-collar crimes are financial in nature, they can impact commerce between the states.

For example, if you allegedly embezzled funds in Texas and deposited those funds in a bank account in Florida, your actions have effectively crossed state lines. The federal government would have the power to investigate and charge this type of case at the federal level. Nearly any type of suspected criminal activity involving wire transfers, use of the postal service, or investors in multiple state is likely to attract the attention of the feds.

Does it matter whether it’s a state or federal charge?

All criminal charges are serious. You face potentially heavy consequences at either the state or federal level. However, the federal government has many more resources at its disposal than state governments. The potential penalties for violating federal law are often much harsher than penalties levied by the state.

Regardless of the type of white-collar criminal charge you face, you should always ensure that your rights remain protected. You should discuss your legal options with a skilled professional.

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