Illegal drug prices are soaring

On Behalf of | May 7, 2020 | Drug Charges

The cost of the average fix has been going up considerably, lately.

The cost of illegal drugs, just like everything else on a consumer-driver market, rises according to the law of supply and demand. Right now, social, medical and economic situations are creating a lot of anxiety — which may be increasing the demand for illegal drugs of all kinds.

Plus, there’s increased scrutiny on the nation’s highways, which can make transporting a supply of drugs a bit riskier than normal. According to law enforcement officers and others, the combined effect is causing a rise in the street value of most illegal drugs.

Meth, in particular, has gone up in value. While methamphetamine is generally cheap to produce, many of the chemicals needed to do so are actually harder to come by right now. That’s causing the average price for a fix to rise by as much as 40%. Fentanyl has also been harder to acquire ever since the United States mostly closed its borders.

Could the rise in drug prices entice some people into trafficking drugs? Absolutely. While some people get into drug trafficking because they love the thrill or think they can make a fortune, many drug traffickers come from impoverished backgrounds.

Financial distress could force a housewife who is desperate to put groceries on the table to sell her pain medication to a neighbor — or an undercover cop. The same desperation could force someone who is used to working for a living into making a run or two with a friend — just to keep the utilities paid. The lure of “easy money” can be hard to resist when you’re worried about your family’s future.

If you made a mistake and have been arrested for drug trafficking, get experienced legal assistance today.

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