Finding a job with a criminal record

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You’ve served your time and now you’re out. It’s time to find a job, but how? Who is going to hire someone with a criminal record? Some states offer companies incentives for hiring ex-offenders of both white-collar (wage theft, bribery, mortgage fraud, etc.) and blue-collar crimes (drug-related, robbery, etc.).

You will need to be persistent and willing to explore all avenues when searching for a job as an ex-con. While the positions available may not be glamorous, they are out there if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Here are some tips to help you find work after committing a crime and serving your sentence:

  • Be honest

Nobody likes a liar and it won’t help you secure a job. Even if the lie did work and the company hired you, eventually, the truth would come out, the company would fire you and you would be back at square one. First off, a background check can reveal your record, but Information you must reveal can differ from state to state, so brush up on what you must tell your employer. In some cases, you only need to reveal crimes you were found guilty of committing. Depending on the state, you don’t have to mention crimes you weren’t convicted of.

  • Use your connections

This one is straightforward. Friends, relatives, former employers or employees you know in the industry you’re interested can be a great resource to help you find a job. A personal relationship or recommendation can ease a potential employer’s tension to hire an ex-offender.

  • Take advantage of opportunities

When first searching for work, you may have a certain field in mind – one that you can showcase your ability. The fact is, that position could be hard to come by right away. In the meantime, take any honest job that you can. Work stability will give employers more confidence in offering you the job of your choice in the future.

  • Think about starting your own business

Count on yourself over someone else’s decision. If you think you own a skill in a service line of work, such as: carpentry, electrical or landscaping, this might be the route for you.

Job hunting can be a tall task for someone with a prior conviction. Do your best to stay positive process and know that with the right amount of effort you will secure a steady position.

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