How can minorities get a fair shake in drug crime sentencing?

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In the “war on drugs” there are many people who are unnecessarily victimized – almost innocent bystanders. But the people who suffer the most are the minorities in this country. African Americans, Mexicans and other minorities always seem to get the raw deal when it comes to sentencing.

This is shocking and completely unfair, but it is not surprising. Since the beginning of our country’s history, people of color have been routinely marginalized and treated unjustly. The more important question for you is: How do we stop this? What can you do if you are a minority facing drug crime charges?

Minorities Routinely Get Heightened Charges and Stronger Penalties

According to an article in News, minorities on the average are prosecuted more aggressively and sustain, on average, much longer prison terms than their white counterparts in most drug crime cases.

In the WJCT audio report, they look at the thousands of cases studied by the Herald Tribune in Sarasota, Florida, looking at the differences of how people convicted of the same crime face different sentences based on race.

The article submits that blacks receive an average of 2/3 more time behind bars that white people. Further, the sentencing judges “give blacks more time behind bars – sometimes double the sentences of whites accused of the same crimes under identical circumstances.”

There is clearly an injustice here.

What Can You Do?

It is almost impossible for one man or one woman facing felony drug charges to completely fix this unjust system.

The most important thing you can do is protect yourself.

You need a strong attorney who knows how to fight against this type of injustice, someone who will stand behind you and get the just and fair result you deserve.

The stakes are too high to take your criminal defense lightly. Fight with everything you’ve got.

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