Drug crime defendants receive less treatment for addiction

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Drug addiction is not just a choice. In most cases, addiction is more chemical and neurologically based. Chemical measures as well as psychological measures should be taken to truly help drug-addicted patients recover from their additions.

However, in many cases, treatment patients who have been referred by the criminal justice system do not get the medical care they need to treat their addictions. There is a sense of injustice in this, as the people who are in the criminal system are arguably the most in need of comprehensive treatment.

Study Showing Less Treatment for Addicts Referred by the Criminal System

A recent article from the Journalist’s Resource shows that treatment centers habitually provide less medical treatment for addition to those referred by the criminal justice system compared to those who come to them from other avenues.

“41 percent of those referred by sources outside the criminal justice system received opioid agonist treatment compared with less than 5 percent of those referred by criminal justice sources.”

There is Injustice in this Discrepancy

Why would doctors change their techniques for some patients? There seems to be no medical reason to give one group a certain kind of treatment – which has been proven to be effective – and another group a lesser treatment.

Are the doctors biased against people who have come out of the criminal justice system?

What Does This Mean?

If anything, this disturbing trend underscores the importance of working with an experienced attorney in your drug crime defense. A good lawyer can help make sure you get the best outcome possible, including getting into treatment for any addictions you may be facing.

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