Drug trafficking charges require a strong defense

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Trafficking is a serious crime, requiring tireless defense backed by knowledge and experience.

When facing even a single count of trafficking, you are facing serious problems. But what about multiple counts? What about multiple arrests in a short time for similar violations?

Multiple Arrests for Trafficking

According to a recent report from NBC news, a man from Port Charlotte was arrested twice within 12 days for drug trafficking. The first time he was pulled over and the police found Hydromorphone pills and small amounts of marijuana.

Shortly after bonding out for those charges, the man was pulled over again, this time with a woman in the car with him. The woman was caught stuffing drugs into her pocket. The police searched the man and his car, finding more than $10,000 in cash, along with 57 pieces of Suboxone strips (a prescription drug), in his pants. In the car the police found substantial quantities of Methadone and Hydromorphone pills.

Serious Trouble

In situations like this – arrested twice in 12 days with substantial quantities of illegal drugs – the only smart approach is to fight back aggressively. Sitting back with the public defender and hoping for the best is not the smartest choice. With potential prison time and serious fines in the balance, you need to take a stand and do everything possible to minimize the damage.

How to Choose Your Lawyer

There are many criminal defense lawyers to choose from. So how do you make the right choice? First, do not look for a “bargain”. There is no such thing. In the legal landscape, like the consumer landscape, you get what you pay for and the cheapest is rarely the best.

Second, look for a track record of success. Has your attorney handled your type of case before? Has he or she done it successfully?

Third, recognition. Does the lawyer have the respect of his peers in the legal world and a good reputation?

Finally, look for commitment. It is critical to make sure your lawyer can focus on your case. If a potential lawyer handles many different types of cases or has too big of a caseload, it is likely that your case will not receive the attention it deserves or requires.

Make sure you work with an attorney who has experience successfully handing the type of case you’re involved in, and make sure your lawyer is committed to getting you the best outcome possible.

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