20-year-old faces trouble when he texts police officer drug offer

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2017 | Federal Drug Trafficking

There are many people who commit drug crimes, and of them, the most minor typically involves marijuana. Despite the fact that marijuana is legal throughout some of the United States, it is not yet legal in Florida. That is unfortunate for this young man who accidentally texted a police officer that he wanted to sell marijuana.

A West Melbourne police officer was surprised when he received a text from an unknown number. The officer responded, knowing the message wasn’t for him. After realizing the 20-year-old sender was messaging about selling marijuana, the officer arranged a pickup.

The two decided to make an exchange for $50 worth of marijuana. The officer arrived at the scene and reported that the young man smelled of marijuana. The officer found 16 grams of marijuana in the man’s shorts.

The 20-year-old man now faces several charges including a count for possessing marijuana with the intent to sell, the possession of drug paraphernalia and for possessing marijuana in quantities lower than 20 grams.

In situations like this one, you could end up getting into deep trouble, especially if you’re trafficking larger amounts of drugs. It’s important to discuss your options for defense immediately if you’re accused of being in possession of drugs.

In some cases, simply being in possession could become a charge for intending to sell, even if you didn’t intend to do so. For that reason, knowing your rights and protecting yourself is vital. With the right help, you can make sure you don’t face charges that you don’t deserve for crimes you didn’t commit.

Source: Miami Herald, “He sent a text to make a drug deal. And he got the worst wrong number possible,” Hannah Morse, Sep. 27, 2017

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