Six accused of phony bail bond scam against nursing home patients

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Strong Defense is Required for White Collar Crime Charges

In most white collar crime cases, the defendants are at a significant disadvantage. Because the cost is so high to investigate and prosecute complex white collar crime cases is so high, police and prosecutors are reluctant to move on these cases unless there is a significant amount of evidence and confidence that they will win.

Therefore, if you are standing trial as a defendant in a white collar crime case, the odds are stacked against you. There will be substantial evidence against you and most judges and juries will not be too empathetic, especially if the accusations involve a scam against an elderly or otherwise helpless mark. When the chips are down, you need strong representation from an experienced legal team.

The Nursing Home Bail-Bond Scam

According to the Gazette in Cedar Rapids, IA, six defendants are facing trial for an elaborate scam at numerous local nursing homes. They would call an elderly nursing home resident, tell them that a relative was in prison – according to court records – and that they have to wire funds to get the relatives out on bail.

In this case, there is record of the funds being transferred, linked back to the defendants’ accounts, presumably along with the witness testimony of the numerous victims harmed by the fraud. There is little hope for the defendants if they handle the case on their own.

Get Help

If you or a loved one is facing white-collar crime charges, make sure you get the best legal representation you can. You only have one chance to make a strong criminal defense.

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