Texas couple faces charges for millions in Medicare fraud.

On Behalf of | May 12, 2017 | Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

A husband and wife team – co-operators of multiple home health care companies – were charged with Medicare fraud recently in Texas.

The multiple charges of health care fraud totaled more than $24 million, according to a news report from chron.com.

The couple is being accused of using their numerous home health care companies to falsely bill Medicare for services that were never administered to patients. Among the evidence was the fact that the alleged recipients of these services did not even know who the health care workers were.

Further, they billed Medicare for some two years of services that dated back eight months before they even owned the home health care company that was billing for these services.

In another aspect of the charges, a physician who supposedly certified some of the charges to Medicare denied ever certifying the charges or even knowing the couple under investigation.

The beneficiaries of the services for whom the couple billed Medicare had never received these services and no physician ever approved them.

According to the article, “All the patients and physicians listed in the Amos’ Medicare claims denied ever having heard of their home health companies.”

The couple facing these fraud charges will need exceptional representation as the evidence against them looks daunting. If you are facing similar charges, make sure you work with a legal team that has experience and success defending health care company owners and operators against the government’s efforts to crack down on Medicare fraud.

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