Men charged with white collar crime in Florida

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Accusations involving tax fraud sometimes include the filing of false documents, often as part of an alleged scheme to evade the payment of taxes due. A person charged with this type of white collar crime may face substantial monetary fines and extended time in prison, if convicted. In Florida and all other states, attorneys who are experienced in defending clients against federal criminal charges such as these are an invaluable resource.

A group of men were recently accused of participating in what some have said is one of the largest tax fraud schemes ever uncovered in the nation. Supposedly, law enforcement agents were called to a home for a reported armed robbery. Upon investigating the scene, they say they found substantial amounts of cash, more than 500 debit cards and other luxury items including shoes, clothing and jewels. 

Federal investigators say they exposed more than $108 million in false tax returns in connection with the activities of the five men. Reportedly, documents were also found in the home that included more than 29,000 stolen identities. Authorities also said that South Florida tends to be a hot spot for such crimes.

All of those charged in the alleged white collar crime operation are between the ages of 21 and 27. The five men already pleaded guilty to other federal charges earlier in the year. A person facing serious charges in Florida, whether at the state or federal level, will want to rely on an attorney who has experience in a wide range of criminal litigation issues.

Source:, “Broward men ran $108 million ID theft fraud, used rap label to hide crimes, feds say“, Paula McMahon, April 5, 2016

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