President of company outside Florida charged with tax evasion

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2015 | Tax Evasion

Florida has its share of white collar crime. Among activities most commonly included in these types of charges are identity theft, mortgage fraud and tax evasion. Recently, a 45-year-old man from another state who is the president of an environmental clean-up organization was charged with a federal crime.

The man has been charged in a U.S. District Court with tax evasion in connection with Minuteman Spill Response Inc., an environmental cleanup firm of which he is the president. Federal prosecutors allege that he intentionally understated the amount of income tax he and his spouse owed three years ago. His wife has not been charged with a crime. Reportedly, he signed a plea agreement requiring him to pay nearly a half million dollars in restitution; the agreement was filed in court at the same time the criminal charge was filed.

An Assistant U.S. Attorney stated that the substantial monetary penalty includes income tax issues the man faces for years in addition to 2012. As part of a plea agreement, he has agreed to pay nearly $140,000, the amount he understated on the 2012 return before sentencing takes place. The plea agreement will likely allow the man’s attorney to argue for a mitigated sentence on his behalf based on the fact that he has accepted responsibility in the situation and has cooperated with the government.

Reportedly, separate criminal charges at the state level in Pennsylvania have not yet been resolved. Those in Florida facing similar tax evasion charges or other allegations of white collar crime may feel as if the situation is hopeless. It isn’t. Criminal defense counsel will fight alongside the client to exercise all available options in order to obtain as positive an outcome as possible.

Source:, “Environmental clean-up firm president charged with federal tax evasion“, John Beauge, Nov. 18, 2015

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