Medicare and Medicaid fraud can result in prison time in Florida

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

A Florida dentist faces multiple charges and was recently arrested.  Allegations of Medicare and Medicaid fraud could incur a lengthy prison sentence under conviction. The man is accused of mistreating children who were placed under his dental care. 

Reportedly, there have also been numerous complaints filed against the 78-year-old dentist regarding alleged inappropriate treatment of patients of minor ages. State records list him as having received a substantial amount of reimbursements from Medicaid between 2010 and 2014. The 11 counts currently against him accuse him of filing unauthorized claims. Apart from the criminal proceedings, it appears that dozens of medical malpractice claims have been made against the doctor.

He was recently released from jail on bond in connection with the charges.  In May 2015, he voluntarily surrendered his license to practice dentistry, and his office was reportedly closed. No information was given with regard to impending trial dates.

Though Florida residents and all others are presumed innocent of any criminal charges unless proved otherwise in court, Medicare and Medicaid fraud are serious accusations that can incur severe penalties should a conviction ultimately be secured. Anyone who has become a subject of a fraud investigation may benefit by contacting a legal team. An experienced attorney is typically able to document the essential elements and details of a situation in order to help a defendant pursue his or her goals in court. Additionally, a seasoned criminal lawyer is also able to assess the theory of prosecution in a particular situation in order to determine the best potential focus for one’s defense.

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