White collar crime arrest made in Florida; man to be extradited

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A federal grand jury has issued an indictment in connection with a recent case that involved four people. The white collar crime is said to have involved an extensive tax fraud scheme. A businessman, his sister and two others recently faced a grand jury with regard to their participation in identity theft fraud. The businessman was arrested in Florida in early September 2015 and is expected to be extradited once a date for his hearing is set.

The man owns a company called Dominican Market, and it is through this company that the alleged acts of fraud were perpetrated. The scheme reportedly carried out by the man and his associates involved $2.8 million worth of reportedly fraudulent U.S. Treasury checks deposited into 26 various bank accounts. The ages of those indicted are 55, 49, and 43.

Several of those involved have been arraigned and released. They have entered not guilty pleas before the court. Officials claim that the group used stolen personal information to file fraudulent tax forms in order to obtain refunds.

Reports indicate that the persons involved withdrew funds from the various bank accounts and used the monies for personal expenditures. They are also accused of sending money from the accounts to the Dominican Republic. It could be beneficial for others who are facing similar white collar crime charges to consult with legal professionals in their areas. Such professionals can clarify the applicable laws and determine all options that are available to the accused individuals. A Florida criminal defense lawyer can also ensure that a defendant’s rights are protected throughout the entire legal process.

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