What to do when accused of tax evasion in Florida

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2015 | Tax Evasion

Being accused of or arrested and charged for white collar crimes can be severely detrimental to a person’s professional  and/or private reputation. Some white collar crime allegations include issues of tax evasion and fraud. Florida residents will want to know that there is a criminal defense attorney in the area who has more than 30 years experience defending those accused of such crimes in both federal and international courts.

Frank A. Rubino, Esq., is recognized as one of the nation’s foremost criminal defense attorneys. Mr. Rubino is dedicated to serving those individuals, business entities and limited liability companies who are being investigated for or accused of tax crimes. If you are involved in a similar situation, you may call the Rubino law office to schedule a free consultation so as to discuss the details of your case with an experienced criminal lawyer.

Cases of tax fraud can be quite complex and complicated. Additional charges are often filed in conjunction with those involving tax evasion or fraudulent activities. Attorney Rubino is experienced in handling many types of white collar crimes, including embezzlement, health care fraud, money laundering and public corruption. The legal team of Frank A. Rubino, Esq., is prepared to aggressively defend your case and help you to seek the most positive outcome possible regarding the charges against you.

Many times, persons in Florida are told that they are under federal investigation before actually being charged with tax evasion or other white collar crimes. Attorney Rubino can assist clients as they attempt to navigate Grand Jury proceedings. You can take confidence in the fact that Mr. Rubino and his team will apply the same efforts for an aggressive and effective defense in your case as they have put forth in the many high profile cases they have defended in the past.

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