Florida man charged with mortgage fraud

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A recent incident involves a 31-year-old man accused of receiving kickbacks from various community businesses. The charges against him involve mortgage fraud, scheming to defraud, providing insider information and making unlawful promises. A Florida country sheriff’s office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are said to have exerted a combined effort in the investigation.

The man in question was reportedly working as an asset manager for a large financial corporation in Florida. Investigators claim that he extorted kickbacks from local businesses after the sales of corporate properties. He is said to have accepted monies sent to his private residence at his own alleged request during an undercover sting.

When a person is accused of fraudulent activities, he or she is presumed innocent under the protection of American jurisprudence. His or her innocence is retained unless proved guilty in court. In this case, the man was arrested on a recent Thursday and will now prepare to face the charges against him.

If a conviction is rendered against a person accused of mortgage fraud in Florida, he or she can suffer long-lasting damage to his or her reputation. Therefore, it would likely be prudent to discuss one’s case with an experienced criminal lawyer in order to determine what options might be available in seeking to avoid prison and preserving one’s good name in the business or private sector. An attorney would act as an advocate on one’s behalf as he or she navigates the legal system and proceeds to a criminal trial.

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