Is there a national mortgage fraud-related tracking tool?

On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage-related activity is obviously something that is closely probed in all aspects by government regulators, financial pundits, lenders, borrowers and many other people, given the central importance of property and its financing in the United States.

One item of material interest to many individuals and groups who closely scrutinize the subject matter is mortgage-related fraud, which leads to this question:

Is there recurring analysis of fraud in the mortgage market? More specifically, is there a national tracking tool that assesses mortgage fraud and its relevant considerations?

Indeed, there is, and it goes by the moniker of Mortgage Fraud Risk Report. The report is issued by a subsidiary of a group called First American Financial Corporation, which analyzes industry risk that one media report says helps individuals and businesses “gain actionable intelligence to empower risk mitigation in real time.”

Here’s what the latest report most centrally conveys: Mortgage fraud risk has ticked up slightly recently, with Florida being the riskiest state. Reportedly, the biggest mortgage fraud risks in Florida relate to fraud in valuing property and so-called “occupancy fraud risk,” which often involves the use of straw buyers and borrowers having multiple outstanding loan applications.

Other types of fraud highlighted in the report include misrepresentations on employment/income and outright identity fraud.

The bottom line: Mortgage fraud is considered a problem of national scope, and it is closely tracked and analyzed.

Given Florida’s prominent mention in the report, it is unsurprising that a high level of attention — that is, criminal investigation, prosecution and enforcement — is focused on alleged mortgage fraud incidents that occur in the state.

The culpability of individuals caught up in mortgage fraud investigations ranges from clear to highly questionable, with many people targeted by authorities having mitigating or exonerating evidence to present.

A proven and aggressive fraud defense attorney can help them do that by zealously advocating on their behalf and by making unstinting efforts to promote their legal rights and ensure that criminal authorities prove every element of their case.

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