Focus on health care fraud and medical professionals, Part 2

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2015 | Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

We visited the hot-button topic of health care fraud in our immediately preceding blog post, noting that it is indeed pervasive and of exceedingly wide scope.

We also noted in that post (please see our entry dated February 12) that the bulk of fraudulent activity committed in this area is widely perceived as being authored by a very small segment of medical professionals.

And, indeed, the source we cited in that entry — an article on health care fraud authored by a national organization devoted to curbing fraudulent activities in this area — readily concedes that an overwhelming number of fraudulent schemes targeting the government’s Medicare and Medicaid programs are now directly traceable to criminal organizations. It states that, especially in South Florida, “government programs and private insurers have lost hundreds of millions of dollars in recent year to criminal rings.”

A central bottom line these days regarding health care fraud is that it is a strong and primary focus for government investigators and law enforcers.

As such, and as we note on a relevant website page at the law firm of Frank A. Rubino, Esq., government agencies “expend tremendous resources” in their probes of individuals and businesses.

It can be easy for a health care provider — whether a doctor, nurse, lab technician, medical equipment seller, patient biller or other individual — to become a target in an investigative fraud-related probe.

Our firm understands the stress involved in that, as well as the potentially dire consequences. We take great pride in the experience and aggressive advocacy we bring to bear in every case we handle for health care clients.

Readers can learn more about our firm and its aggressive legal representation in this important legal area by visiting us online at our website page entitled “Representing Health Care Providers Facing Fraud Charges.”

We welcome your visit.

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