Cyber crime: a relevant time for revisiting?

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2015 | White Collar Crime

We’re just going to go ahead and tick off an affirmative answer to the above-posed headline query, given our view that so-called cyber crime stories are dominating the media with more force and urgency than ever before.

Just consider: Eric Snowden seems a more commanding presence than ever these days in news stories and on social media sites, even garnering a reference on last week’s Academy Awards; repercussions from the recent mass hacking of Sony Entertainment were severe and are still ongoing; and stories are now circulating that terrorist websites are being penetrated and taken down by a shadow group of hackers.

Without question, cyber crime is an uppercase concern and major enforcement focus in the early years of the 21st century, linked intimately to the Internet and computer technology.

We touched on the subject matter on our website at Frank A. Rubino, Esq., in an article addressing the FBI and cyber crime, citing therein a magazine quote that such criminal activity is arguably the “next entrepreneurial growth business.”

Given the spread of cyber-related criminal activity (ranging from computer malware insertion to fraudulent misrepresentation geared toward financial gain), the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation is devoting increasing efforts to the discovery of illegal behavior, with prosecutors pushing hard for criminal convictions.

Undoubtedly, that leads to increased arrests and criminal convictions. As we note in our article, it also likely leads to a rise in false accusations and innocent people being forced to square off against the matchless resources of both the federal and state governments.

Any person who is a suspect in a cyber crime investigation indeed has much to fear, given the potential downside if a conviction results.

As we note in our article, a targeted individual “should seek the counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer.”

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