Defending against white collar crime requires federal knowledge

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When you think of Internet crime, what comes to mind? Most of us might think of possession of child pornography or another similar offense — but did you know that a significant amount of white collar crime also occurs online? In our increasingly digital age, larger numbers of criminal defendants are facing allegations related to their online activities. Further, laws in Florida and other states are catching up with relevant technology, making criminal prosecution a possibility in a wider range of situations. Defendants who are facing allegations related to Internet crime have special needs that need to be addressed by an experienced legal team.

Most Internet crimes can be considered fairly serious because they involve interstate commerce. This means that your white collar crime could easily fall under the stricter federal jurisdiction, which requires an entirely different approach to criminal defense. The federal government’s efforts to prosecute Internet violators are still fairly embryonic, but prosecutors are chomping at the proverbial bit to convict defendants for online crimes. Those in the know realize that it is only a matter of time before the federal government becomes more enthusiastic about prosecuting online fraud and other violations — which could mean harsher penalties for future defendants.

Criminal defendants who are facing federal charges because of white collar crime have specific defense needs that cannot be handled by just any attorney. Instead, a legal team with experience in the federal court system is required to help defendants navigate this complicated legal system. Whether you are charged with computer fraud, online gambling or even selling drugs on the Internet, you need quality legal representation.

So, just what can an attorney do for you? Our Florida federal defense attorneys will work toward having your case dismissed — or seeking lower potential penalties in the federal court system. Cutting-edge computer allegations warrant the use of a knowledgeable team that is experienced in Internet crimes defense.

Source: Frank A. Rubino, Esq., “Internet Crime” Sep. 08, 2014

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