Synthetic drug crackdown in Florida

On Behalf of | May 14, 2014 | Federal Drug Trafficking

The state of Florida cooperates with United States federal authorities to address a wide range of criminal activity, from fraud affecting benefit programs to tax matters. One significant focus of that cooperation is drug crimes. Recently, that has included significant focus on synthetic drugs.

Federal agents of the Drug Enforcement Administration have launched a full-fledged crackdown on such synthetic drugs. This involves going after manufacturers, as well as wholesalers and retailers. The effort is being pursued in at least 25 states. On Wednesday, according to the DEA, search and arrest warrants were served at many different homes, smoke shops and warehouses suspected of involvement in possession, trafficking or sale of synthetic drugs.

Orlando was one of the places where this happened. A jewelry store at the Altamonte Mall, a Windermere home and an Orlando warehouse were all served with warrants. The DEA has not yet released details about any evidence of synthetic drug involvement that may have been found at those locations. However, a DEA spokesperson confirmed that the overall multi-state crackdown involved 33 DEA cases.

There are also seven investigations that are being led by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Additionally, Customs and Border Protection is working on several cases. Those cases involve express consignment shipments.

Throughout this effort, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the federal agencies it works with have shown their determination to fully address the problem of synthetic drug crime. In Florida and in other states, the DEA will continue to work in tandem with local authorities to address this important issue.

Those charged with synthetic drug crimes may feel as though there is no hope to avoid conviction. However, a strong defense, including reviewing evidence, witness statements and other things the prosecution will use at trial, is the best way to prevent a conviction. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide more information about possible legal options.

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