Miami-Dade policeman faces federal drug charge

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A Miami-Dade police lieutenant has been accused of conspiring with a drug trafficking group to obtain firearms and organize a murder. According to the criminal complaint, which was filed against the man in another state, he was accused of helping drug traffickers in exchange for gifts and money. The man has been charged with various federal crimes, including conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

The 45-year-old police officer first began his employment with the Miami-Dade Police Department in 1992. Formerly, he worked with the Miami International Airport’s K-9 unit. At the time of his arrest, however, he was working with the department’s internal affairs division, which investigates alleged wrongdoing by police officers.

The federal complaint against the officer accuses him of being a drug crimes conspirator nicknamed The Milk Man. He is accused of arranging a deal in which two assassins would be paid to kill other drug dealers. Allegedly, the assassins were to pretend to be police officers, pull the victims over and shoot them. Additionally, the man has been accused of using his police identification to purchase weapons for the drug trafficking organization and assisting in getting weapons transported to the Dominican Republic through the Miami airport.

If convicted on the drug crime charges, including conspiring to traffic cocaine and aiding in other illegal activities, this Miami-Dade police officer could spend the rest of his life in federal prison. Nevertheless, even though news reports have presented strong allegations against him, he will have the opportunity to defend himself in court. If he can succeed in presenting evidence and legal arguments that cast sufficient doubt upon the prosecution’s versions of the facts, he may be able to get some of his more serious charged dropped or dismissed. He might also try to enter into plea-bargaining arrangements with the prosecution by pleading guilty to certain charges in order to obtain a dramatic reduction in sentencing.

Source: CNN, “Miami cop accused of helping drug traffickers get guns, plot killing” Catherine E. Shoichet, Apr. 09, 2014

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