Drug dealing accusations made against Florida family

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Family members often work together. In many cases, that is a good thing. In some cases, however, it can be unfortunate, such as a recent instance of a father and son accused of being involved in a Florida drug crime.

The crime was brought to light after an extensive undercover investigation conducted by the Gang Unit of the Miami-Dade Police Department. Their investigation led them to a home on NW 132 Place, where they discovered a sizable amount of drugs and weapons. When the discovery was made, they arrested the father, 59, and the son, 33. Both have now been accused of dealing drugs.

Police had previously received anonymous tips about the duo. They had also observed drug transactions at the home. When they felt they had enough evidence, they moved in. The drugs they found included marijuana, cocaine, MDMA or ecstasy, mushrooms and hashish. Weapons in the home included 14 rifles and nine handguns.

The father faces a charge of armed trafficking of cocaine. The son faces multiple charges, including possession of marijuana, selling marijuana, possession of MDMA and a weapons charge, which is possession of a firearm while in the commission of a felony. Both will now need to address those charges in court.

Cases where individuals are accused of a drug crime often involve friends and sometime relatives like this case did. Others simply involve people associated purely for the purpose of possessing, distributing and selling drugs. Regardless of the connections that exist between those involved, anyone accused of a drug crime in Florida potentially faces serious penalties. For that reason, they would be well-advised to seek out experienced legal counsel in order to determine how to proceed.

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