Identity theft case results in guilty plea

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Across the country, having personal information stolen has become a progressively bigger problem. There are now many electronic security companies that specialize in protecting people from such occurrences. Of course, they can’t prevent it in every case, as shown by a recent white collar crime situation involving Florida residents.

According to authorities, people living in the Sunshine State were amongs those who were allegedly subjected to identity theft in a scheme that hit other states as well. The scheme involved collecting personal identifying information from hundreds of individuals across the country. That information was then embedded on credit cards, so it could be used in financial transactions. Typically, falsified cards like that are used in online transactions and are sold to third parties domestically and abroad.

The man accused of masterminding the operation, 34, and his female accomplice, 21, were in a romantic relationship. They are accused of traveling together for the purpose of transporting credit cards imprinted with stolen identity information. They were caught when agents of the Transportation Security Administration noticed a large package in the man’s carry-on bag. Inside, they found a manila envelope that in turn contained the fraudulent credit cards. More were found in a cellphone case and more inside a shoe insole.

Both the man and the woman were arrested and remain in custody. They were also allegedly in possession of fraudulent driver’s licenses. Authorities say that the financial information on the credit cards was for account holders at many different banks, including several in Florida.

Identity theft is now one of the most common kinds of white collar crime. In an effort to stop it, authorities are devoting more resources to investigations than ever. Anyone accused of such a crime should consider seeking the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. The right attorney can provide invaluable advice about how to build the best defense possible.

Source:, “California couple guilty of cross-country identity theft, credit card fraud” Michelle E. Shaw, Dec. 05, 2013

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