1,500 pounds of cocaine seized by Florida-based Coast Guard

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Florida residents recently learned about a majordrug crime case in the area, as Coast Guard officials unloaded a staggering 1,500 pounds of cocaine.

The drug, said to have a street value of approximately $23 million, was seized while in transit south of the Dominican Republic and then brought to St. Petersburg, Florida.

The Coast Guard gave extensive information about how the drug seizure occurred. According to their news release, they had received a call about a suspicious-looking 35-foot vessel near San Juan. They sent Coast Guard Cutter Venturous to investigate the scene. Once it arrived, those on the other vessel began tossing large packages overboard. The team on the Venturous recovered those packages and found that 28 of them contained cocaine. That cocaine was carefully taken aboard the Coast Guard ship. Later, it was weighed and determined to be a total of 1,500 pounds. Subsequently, the street value was assessed.

The Coast Guard is pleased with the success of their efforts. The seizure was unusually large and represents a triumphant moment in their ongoing efforts to stop the flow of cocaine. Unfortunately, there have been other cocaine-related crimes in Florida as well.

For that reason, many Federal officials are working in Florida to establish greater cooperation with areas like the Virgin Islands. That effort has been the focus of the Department of Homeland Security and several other law enforcement agencies.

Drug crime accusations affect many people in the state of Florida, including those accused of possessing or distributing drugs. Cases of this kind have been prevalent in Florida in recent years. It is important for the facts of cases like this one to be reviewed carefully, to make sure that all information is taken into account. Criminal defense attorneys ensure that those who have been arrested for such crimes have their rights protected as their cases move through the court system.

Source: Miami Herald Florida Wires, “Coast Guard seizes 1,500 pound of cocaine” No author given, Oct. 22, 2013

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