Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez faces Major League drug penalties

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Major League Baseball dealt with a drug crime problem two years ago, when a Canadian doctor pleaded guilty to mislabelling drugs that he imported to treat professional athletes in the U.S. The MLB continues to address the ramifications of that case, with New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez being accused of not having been honest about his relationship with that doctor.

Rodriguez, widely called “A-Rod” in a portmanteau of his first and last names, is regarded by some as one of the greatest professional baseball players of all time. Amongst other records, he was the youngest player to hit a total of 500 home runs, and the youngest to hit 600 as well. This even put him ahead of Babe Ruth in that respect. However, he is not playing this season due to a hip injury.

He might be on the shelf for quite a while even after he fully recovers. The accusations against him include the possibility of being suspended for 50 games or more. Although Rodriguez has pledged to contest any penalty the MLB decides on, he may be unsuccessful since the charges against him are serious.

In addition to allegedly not being honest about his relationship with the Canadian doctor, “A-Rod” is accused of having attempted to obstruct the investigation that the MLB was carrying out. It is also alleged that he recruited other athletes to get involved with an anti-aging clinic said to have disbursed performance-enhancing drugs in a violation of Major League Baseball policy.

In addition to Rodriguez, several other players that may be facing suspension. Ryan Braun, once a National League MVP, has accepted a 65-game suspension. The San Diego Padres’ Everth Cabrera, the Texas Rangers’ Nelson Cruz, and the Detroit Tigers’ Jhonny Peralta are expected to accept 50-week suspensions each.

Also being investigated by Major League Baseball are Melky Cabrera, who plays for Toronto, Yasmani Grandal, who plays for San Diego, and Bartholo Colon, who plays for Oakland. A decision by MLB about potential suspensions for Rodriguez and others may be announced as soon as Friday.

In the Miami area or elsewhere, in professional sports or not, drug crimes are serious offenses. If you find yourself in drug-related legal troubles, a drug crime attorney can prove instrumental in building a defense to ensure the best outcome possible for your case.

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