Offshore Bank Accounts

U.S. citizens can run into trouble reporting international income in two ways: through living and working abroad without filing proper tax paperwork in the U.S. and through deposits and investments in foreign banks.

A different set of statutes applies to American workers and ex-patriots living abroad. If you failed to file a tax return and/or if you believe that a criminal proceeding has begun that could prevent you from returning to the U.S., you need experienced legal help. Work with a law firm that understands international tax issues. Contact tax defense attorney Frank Rubino.

Recent Changes to U.S. Tax Law

While foreign banks had previously been able to maintain the privacy of account holders, the U.S. government has recently succeeded in forcing international banks with branches in the U.S. (UBS, for example) into disclosing offshore accounts held by U.S. citizens. This action has effectively forced account holders to declare income earned in offshore accounts or face possible prison sentences.

The U.S. government has granted a period of amnesty for people who voluntarily come forward to pay taxes for income they did not declare on previously filed tax forms. If you come forward during the amnesty period, you will not be prosecuted for a federal tax crime.

Choose a White Collar Crime Defense Lawyer Who Is a Leader in the Field

Federal defense attorney Frank Rubino has substantial experience handling criminal tax cases and "voluntary" compliance with unreported foreign income, offshore bank accounts and other offshore holdings. When necessary, he works with forensic accountants and tax specialists to develop a federal tax analysis and defense strategy.

Frank Rubino has developed a national and worldwide reputation as an aggressive white collar crime lawyer with the experience and knowledge to help high-profile clients avoid serious punishments. Having successfully handled an impressive array of large-scale cases, attorney Rubino now limits his practice to only the most serious criminal charges.

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