Defense Against Tax Fraud Allegations

Any person or entity can become a target of the IRS. Armed with more than 30 years of experience in high-profile federal and international criminal cases, federal criminal defense lawyer Frank Rubino stands as one of this country's foremost criminal defense attorneys.

Defending You in All Types of Tax Fraud Cases

In his IRS fraud defense practice, Mr. Rubino defends individuals and business entities — partnerships, limited liability companies, etc. — accused of or under investigation for tax fraud, including:

If you or your company is facing tax fraud charges, contact Frank A. Rubino, Esq. at his offices in Houston and Miami to discuss your case with an experienced defense attorney.

Handling All Aspects of Your Case

Mr. Rubino has the experience to handle even the most complex tax fraud case. Tax fraud charges are often brought in conjunction with other criminal charges for white collar crimes, such as business fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, health care fraud, or public corruption.

Tax fraud cases involve exposure to both financial and criminal penalties, such as IRS fines and prison time. While handling the criminal portion of your case, Mr. Rubino accesses skilled tax experts to advise and represent clients in negotiations with the IRS or other taxing authorities.

Grand Jury Investigations

Frequently, people learn that they are under investigation before they are charged. If you have learned that the United States Attorney's Office is conducting a grand jury investigation, Mr. Rubino can use his extensive experience in grand jury proceedings to your benefit. Mr. Rubino is known for his ability to get charges dropped or punishments lessened before charges are even filed.

Assisting With Only the Most Serious Charges

Frank Rubino limits his practice to only the most serious, large-scale criminal defense matters. He has a long list of successes in representing Fortune 500 executives and international clients in the world's highest courts.

Contact Mr. Rubino's law office to speak with him about federal tax fraud charges you or your company face anywhere in the United States. Call 866-718-3994 to arrange a consultation.