Defense Against Federal Identity Theft Charges

Identity theft has recently been receiving heightened media attention. With increased use of credit cards and the Internet, opportunities for identity theft and related types of fraud have increased dramatically — and legislators and law enforcement have increased their concern with these crimes in response to public pressures.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft can take many forms. It can include:

  • Credit card fraud, using another's name or a fake name to open a credit account
  • Internet fraud, phishing for information that can be used to set up fake accounts or to purchase products online
  • Collecting welfare, Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits under someone else's name
  • Stealing Social Security numbers
  • Telemarketing fraud
  • Securing prescriptions under someone else's name
  • Forgery, fake green cards, fake state IDs, and fake drivers' licenses

Large-scale identity theft cases can cross state and international borders and involve numerous law enforcement agencies. When criminal charges result from identity theft investigations, the case will be heard in federal court and will require a strong, sophisticated and experienced defense.

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