Defense Lawyer Fighting Ponzi Scheme Charges

A Ponzi scheme, or business or investment pyramid, is one in which early investors are paid with the investments of later investors.

The business or investment plan may have started out legitimately enough, with accurate representations being made to funders and with every intent to follow through. However, at some point, the manager of the funds discovered that the business or investment strategy could not fulfill its goal in a sustained way and in order to meet the demands of early investors began to use later money to pay early adopters.

Ponzi Schemes and Federal Charges

Criminal cases involving Ponzi schemes are typically tried in federal court because of the large sums of money that they typically involve. They include charges of business fraud, theft, and misrepresentation ( securities fraud).

When Ponzi schemes are finally broken and a person faces criminal charges in federal court, they have often been under investigation by law enforcement for months, even a year or more. There may have been a grand jury proceeding before an indictment is filed.

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