Strong Defense Against Charges of Conspiracy

"Conspiracy" — a charge that people worked together to commit a crime — is one way federal prosecutors can bring criminal charges against a person when they have little or no evidence they were directly involved in a crime. One person is charged and found guilty of a crime and then others who worked with him to any degree can be charged as well.

Are You Facing Multiple Federal Charges?

Conspiracy is frequently added to a longer list of white collar crime or drug crime charges, leading to longer sentencing if a person is found guilty. Conspiracy charges are frequently combined with charges of drug trafficking or distribution, money laundering or fraud, racketeering, or public corruption.

If you have been requested to appear before a grand jury, it's vitally important to get legal advice before you appear. It may or may not be in your best interest to cooperate. An experienced federal criminal defense lawyer can advise you. Even statements innocently made to a grand jury can be used against you in a conspiracy trial at a later date.

Choose an Attorney With Experience Fighting Conspiracy Charges

One of America's premier criminal defense lawyers, Frank A. Rubino, Esq. devotes his law practice to representing clients facing the most serious federal criminal charges in high-stakes drug trafficking and white collar crime cases.

From his offices in Miami and Houston, Mr. Rubino has represented businessmen, politicians, heads of government and others facing charges of conspiracy in state and federal courts throughout the U.S. He also represents non-U.S. citizens being extradited to face conspiracy charges in U.S. courts

Mr. Rubino is selective in the clientele he represents. He accepts only those clients most in need of highly effective representation in complex criminal cases that could result in long prison terms.

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