Experienced Defense Against Drug Manufacturing Charges

Texas and federal law enforcement are currently focused on drug manufacturing in connection with methamphetamines (meth), though drug manufacturing charges are also brought against those creating designer drugs and prescription drugs (or knock-offs of prescription drugs, steroids and human growth hormone).

Mexico is a huge supplier of manufactured meth and other manufactured drugs, but every year police bust into Texas homes and businesses that they suspect of being meth labs.

Special Concerns in Meth Cases

Because meth requires the use of some legal chemicals to produce it, police have also arrested truck drivers, pharmacists and pharmacy assistants, lab personnel and others who are in possession of these precursor chemicals. While these people may never have been involved in any illegal activity, they can find themselves facing charges of drug conspiracy for violating some aspect of state or federal drug law.

If you are under investigation for a drug-related crime or have been charged with large-scale drug manufacturing, cultivation, or trafficking of illegal narcotics or prescription drugs, talk to a Texas defense lawyer experienced in fighting federal drug manufacturing charges. Contact the defense firm of attorney Frank Rubino.

Fight Your Drug Manufacturing Charges With Help From a Respected Advocate

In a career that has spanned more than 30 years, Houston drug crimes defense lawyer Frank A. Rubino, Esq. has proven his ability to successfully combat the prosecution's case in state and federal drug crimes cases.

Mr. Rubino personally handles every case, from grand jury investigation through trial and appeal. His law firm focuses exclusively on high-level drug charges involving kilos of meth and prescription drugs such as anabolic steroids.

Most of the cases Mr. Rubino handles are felony drug crimes in which the client is facing serious penalties under the federal sentencing guidelines. The consequences of a conviction are costly in every sense, including years of prison time. This is why every case the firm handles receives the full attention and resources of the firm. When your life is on the line, the strongest defense is essential.

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