Drug Crime Defense

A pharmacy comes under grand jury investigation for illegally selling Viagra, steroids and other prescription drugs through an Internet pharmacy. A businessman in Central America faces extradition to the U.S. for suspected involvement in international drug trafficking 10 years ago. A real estate developer faces criminal charges for money laundering and conspiracy after a sweeping federal drug bust that rounds up people associated with suspected drug kingpins.

  • People get into serious trouble with state, federal and international drug interdiction efforts in any number of ways. However it occurred, a person's liberty and life hang in the balance. If you are facing state or federal drug crimes charges in U.S. criminal court, you deserve a strong, effective defense.

Rely On Our Firm for Effective Defense Against Serious Charges

In a career that has spanned more than 30 years, drug crimes defense lawyer Frank A. Rubino, Esq. has proven his ability to successfully combat the prosecution's case in state and federal courts. His law practice focuses exclusively on high-level drug charges, including large-scale drug busts involving kilos of cocaine, marijuana, heroin and meth.

If you are under investigation for a drug-related crime or have been charged with large-scale drug manufacturing, accused of cultivation, or trafficking in illegal narcotics or prescription drugs, contact our defense firm in Houston or Miami.

Attorney Rubino handles every case personally, from grand jury investigation, through trial and appeal. This is the law firm clients turn to when they need to know that everything possible is being done in their defense.

A Strong Defense and Caring Representation

We investigate the case to identify weaknesses. We look for opportunities to make the case go away, or to minimize the damage to our clients' lives. We understand federal drug statutes as well as state drug statutes. We know Texas and Florida drug courts and their sentencing tendencies. Experience guides our handling of every case, whether negotiating with a prosecutor in a felony drug case or working behind the scenes to get charges reduced or dropped.

International Drug Crimes

Mr. Rubino defends people throughout the Americas who have been extradited to the U.S. to face charges of drug crimes in U.S. courts. Although he can represent people in U.S. courts, he can also work alongside international legal counsel to defend people facing charges in South American and Central American countries, including Mexico, Colombia and Panama, as well as Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Venezuela and Belize.

Related Criminal Charges

Rarely does a prosecutor stop at a single drug crimes charge. Most people will face a variety of drug-related charges, including:

In some instances, weapons are found at the same time as drugs. The presence of weapons greatly enhances the seriousness of the sentence you may face. Mr. Rubino has handled high-profile weapons cases.

Combating Seizure of Property

Police routinely confiscate property and cash they suspect has been obtained through illegal activity, often without any direct evidence. Attorney Rubino helps people reclaim property after unfair seizure by law enforcement. In cases where a drug crime did occur, innocent family members can seek to have property returned to them.

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