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When charged with a drug crime or complex financial crime, you need an experienced attorney to protect your rights. For 40-plus years, criminal defense lawyer Frank A. Rubino, Esq., has been protecting individuals from the harsh excesses of the law. You are in good hands with attorney Frank A. Rubino.

Experienced, Effective Medicare Fraud Defense

The federal government is determined to intimidate every player in the health care sector. They are sweeping up thousands of companies in this effort. Without exceptional defense you will be one of the casualties of this sweep.

Masterful Defense Against A Range Of Criminal Charges

  • Medicare/Medicaid Fraud
  • White Collar Crime
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Money Laundering
  • International Crimes
  • Federal Criminal Appeals
  • Securities Fraud
  • Internet Crime

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Put Power In Your Corner

Frank A. Rubino is known worldwide for the power of his criminal defense. He represented Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega before the United States Supreme Court. He represented Lockerbie bombing suspect Lamen Khalifa Fhimah at the World Court at The Hague. You see him on CNN and Fox News.

Forceful Representation Tailored To Your Case

Federal or international criminal cases are always complex. They often involve multiple charges and multiple jurisdictions. Lesser lawyers get lost in this complexity. Frank A. Rubino sees every case as unique, and he leverages his thorough knowledge and vast experience to construct powerful arguments for you. He goes to work for you at any point, from early investigation to post-conviction appeals and disputes over seized assets.

When Frank Rubino speaks on international criminal defense, the whole world listens.

Ask Around. Frank A. Rubino Knows How To Win.

If you face serious criminal charges, you can’t afford a second-rate attorney. Choose one with 40 years of experience, and the respect of the entire legal community. Contact attorney Frank Rubino to discuss your case and learn how he can defend you. You can also reach his offices by phone at 866-718-3994.

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