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March 2014 Archives

Florida drug bust nets over $1 million in drugs and cash

Any drug crime is a serious offense, and many crimes involving drugs carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence if the defendant is found guilty. This is especially true when the accusations being levied involve the distribution and sale of large quantities of illegal drugs.

Guilty plea entered in Florida tax crime scheme

Florida sees more than its share of financial malfeasance due to the massive amount of money that flows through the state. Each instance is of course unfortunate, but all the more so when it involves a trusted professional who betrays that trust. That is what happened in a recent tax crime case.

Former Florida mayor, wife facing tax evasion charges

Tax evasion is a serious federal crime. Anyone charged with a tax crime will quickly find that attorneys play a crucial role in the process of defending the accused and negating the punishment and penalties that can result from a conviction. This may be on the mind of a former Florida mayor and his wife who are battling charges that they failed to pay taxes on a large amount of income derived from a loan made to a man who was convicted of operating a Ponzi scheme.

Obesity claim used to avoid jail in Florida mortgage fraud case

Criminal cases have a variety of facets that affect not only the verdicts, but the sentences handed down when a guilty verdict is reached. Naturally, defendants want to moderate the punishments they incur however they can, and they certainly have the legal right to make a case for that moderation. Sometimes, their grounds can be common ones, such as parenthood, previously clean records or willingness to pay restitution in regards to financial crimes. In a Florida mortgage fraud case, a defendant's grounds for saying that he should not serve time are based on his morbid obesity.

Medicare fraud leads to $85 million settlement in Florida

A hospital in Florida has decided to settle a whistleblower lawsuit with the federal government for $85 million. This all came about because one of the hospital's employees, working in the capacity of the director of physician services, decided to file the lawsuit. This can be done by whistleblowers on behalf of the federal government, and this man decided to take action when he claimed that the hospital was paying doctors in an improper manner and committing fraud when it came to Medicare cases.

$750,000 paid by Sarasota doctor to settle lawsuit

Cases involving financial malfeasance in medical practices occur often in Florida. Typically, the cases involve illegal means of securing federal benefits that are meant to cover those with health problems. That is reportedly what happened with a recent Medicare fraud case.

After Florida tax crime conviction, man wants seized items back

Financial fraud sometimes occurs by those seeking to live a more opulent lifestyle. The authorities, however, often seize valuables, cars and real estate during an arrest. That was what happened with a Florida man who was convicted of a tax crime after stealing millions of taxpayer dollars. Recently, his case took an interesting twist. He put in a request to get all of his seized items back.

Fugitive arrested in Florida Medicare fraud case

Florida continues to be a magnet for financial crimes, due in part to the massive amount of money that flows through the state every day. The crimes often involve taking advantage of ill or elderly individuals and laying claim to benefits from the government illegitimately. Sometimes those committing the crimes are rapidly identified and arrested. At other times, a fugitive may elude the authorities for some time, as happened recently with a man accused of masterminding a Medicare fraud ring in South Florida.

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